Kitchen-Check-List-PlaningAbove all a kitchen today should provide many years of enjoyment and satisfaction
Kitchens have always needed to look good and be well equipped. Yet today, they have so much more to offer. Modern kitchens can be customised to individual needs and lifestyles. The result is optimal room utilisation and quality of motion.
Experience shows that a kitchen will last about 20 years. That's why it makes sense to think hard about your needs and wishes before purchasing the kitchen.

DYNAMIC SPACE is an initiative from Blum that helps you to include your personal requirements directly into the kitchen planning process.

Along with your personal wishes, you should also pay attention to the following:
·         Plan sufficient storage space
·         Plan in 5 kitchen zones (Consumables, Non-consumables, Cleaning, Preparation, Cooking)
·         Avoid shelves in base cabinets
·         Select full extensions with an inner dividing system
·         Use fittings that function perfectly for an excellent quality of motion

Apart from the obvious a new kitchen should also be fun.  DYNAMIC SPACE is a tool that will help ensure your new kitchen provides you with the perfect working and living environment.

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